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Stick ‘Em Up!

In New York, government officials found $90 million to pay for schools by dipping into money generated by a multistate greenhouse gas initiative.

This opening sentence, from Известия The New York Times, is everything that is wrong with the left, which means the government. A tax based on lies is misappropriated to political payoffs, ensuring ongoing government growth at the expense of our labor. Through intentionally distorted premises,
outright lies, and mafiaesque skullduggery, government has conspired to steal our money and distribute it to their cronies, in this case the Teachers’ Unions, who have destroyed our public education system, but at least they vote, and agitate reliably, for larger government.

This violation of us as free men would’ve sent the founders in apoplexy. They went to war with the world’s superpower over “Taxation without Representation”. We sit back and eat our waffles while a criminal enterprise robs us blind.

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