Our betters believe Liberty is outdated. They talk constantly of the need to “take care” of us, “provide fairness”, and other vapid, vomit inducing crap. They have no idea the anger they are unleashing. Here, I will document ongoing examples of a government, and by extension a society, that has abandoned Individual Liberty for Collective Nonsense. Perhaps history will be the beneficiary.

  1. Eric
    July 26, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    Let my coherent concern reach your ears:
    Take my photograph off of your website.
    I almost lost my life taking that, and many others did.
    It’s not for your use. You didn’t ask. You stole it.
    I am the owner of the image of the Greek orthodox church, with the burning towers behind it.
    Take it off immediately, and take your own photos!
    Ask before you take.

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